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War Tales

True Stories of Friend & Foe of the Vietnam Era

WAR TALES explodes with ten true stories of Friend & Foe told by one of the Vietnam War’s most notable journalists. We move from Sean Flynn, the photographer son of Errol Flynn, and his confessional interview to a report on the highly suspicious death of former CIA Director William Colby. The author describes some of his own phenomenal experiences during the five years he covered the war, and tells of the nightmare of Cambodian painter Vann Nath, one of only seven survivors of the infamous Khmer Rouge torture center. He reveals the surprising account of what really happened to John McCain the day he was shot down over North Vietnam—and more riveting stories.

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Malaga Burning

An American Woman's Eyewitness Account of the Spanish Civil War

This is a dramatic eyewitness account of the Spanish Civil War by an American woman -- distinguished not for its "facts" but for an emotional truth found at a much deeper level. Appeals to both male and female readers.

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The Two of Us

Forbidden Tales of the French Erotique

This is one of the finest collections of French erotica ever to be published. It consists of two short novels, one written and illustrated by two men, the other by two women. The illustrations themselves are ranked as classic works of art. The Two of Us won the Silver Medal in ForeWord Magazine's 1999 Book of the Year awards.

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Flying Smart

This easy-to-read, highly personal guide to international travel has folksy good humor and sharp-eyed reporting. Once a war correspondent for TIME magazine and The New Republic and the author of five books, Zalin Grant shows the reader how to fly smart, sprinkled with his own true personal adventures while visiting 80 countries over the past 30 years.

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Vietnam War Classics

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This is the classic documentary account of American POWs and the worst prison camp of the Vietnam War, which has been in print for over twenty years. Recently anthologized by the Library of America as one of the best books to come out of the war, it also contains a dramatic account of marine defector Robert Garwood's actions at the prison camp, as told by the Americans who knew him best.

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Over The Beach

This is the story of the air war over North Vietnam, as it was lived and fought by navy pilots flying off the aircraft carrier that suffered the heaviest casualties of the Vietnam War. Here is the best, most vivid chronicle of a strange and often secretive war within a war like no other one before it.

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Facing The Phoenix

The CIA and the Political Defeat of the United States in Vietnam

Facing the Phoenix is a bold, original analysis of the defeat of the United States in Vietnam that unlocks the great puzzle of that baffling, bloody engagement: why the United States won the battles and lost the war. It contains the last definitive interviews given by Edward G. Lansdale, CIA men Lou Conein, William Colby, and many others.

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Presumed Dead

A Novel of the Missing in Action

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World Silence
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There is no international symbol for Silence, in a world being overwhelmed by noise. This is Pythia Press's entry--two designs that are non-aggressive and nationality-neutral calls for people to be quiet.

These two designs are copyrighted, with patents pending. Which means that this work is protected by international laws governing intellectual property rights. Our world silence designs are ideal for movie theaters, hospitals, libraries, schools, and commercial enterprises. If you would like to license these designs on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, please contact us by e-mail ( or by telephone(703-709-0919) or by fax (703-709-1333).